The 2nd Chinese Delegation Trip to Roussillon in 2017

On the 27th of November, a delegation of 4 importers from China had the opportunity to visit Roussillon vineyards: Beijing Hong Run Hui Xin Co, Beyond Wine & Food Trading Co, Guangzhou PJH Export & Import and Shanghai Develop Investment Co.

The visit took place from the Monday 27th to the Friday 1st of December, for a total of 5 days of visits.

During their stay in Roussillon, these importers had the unique opportunity of visiting the region’s different vineyards and domains, under the guidance of Eric Aracil, Export Manager for Roussillon Wines Council and undeniably the best guide to discover all the secrets of this incredible wine region, godly blessed as the cradle of Fortified Sweet Wines. The delegation visited:

  • Domaine Lafage
  • Château de Caladroy
  • SCV Maury
  • Château de Jau
  • Château de Valmy
  • Cave Abbé Rous / Terres des Templiers
  • Château de Corneilla
  • Domaine Cazes
  • Domaine de Rombeau
  • Arnaud de Villeneuve
  • NCSR
  • Vignerons Catalans

Not only did these 4 Chinese importers have the opportunity to tour Roussillon Wines’ different vineyards with representatives from each domain, but they also enjoyed food-wine pairings with a selection of great food throughout the trip!