The 7th China Young Sommelier Team Competition has officially begun!

On March 27 th 2018, the press conference and luncheon of The 7th China Young Sommelier Wine Service Training Program and Team Competition (Or The 7th China Young Sommelier Team Competition) was successfully convened in Shanghai.


Olivier Darras, as the representative of Roussillon Wines Council, will serve as a jury at this year’s Sommelier Team Competition.

All teams who reach the semifinals will be invited to participate in two days of certificated sommelier courses coached by Tommy LAM. After passing the examination, they will be granted a qualification certificate jointly issued by the Asian Wine Association and the Ningxia Wine Academy.


Regional competitions will be held after all training courses, with the winners from each region attending the semi-finals and the final. The previous competition has been held in six sub-divisions at most. It is worth noting that The 7th China Young Sommelier Team Competition will be extended to 16 sub-divisions for the first time, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan!

16 sub-divisions and related information: