20 wineries met over 430 wine professionals

The spring edition of Tasty Wines tour in Asia was once again a great success. This signature event from Break Events brings wine producers from around the world to meet importers, distributors, on-trade and media based in the city where the event takes place.

This roadshow that goes through Asia dynamic countries is a golden opportunity for Roussillon wine producers to share the richness and diversity of their production to the world. Several wineries, such as Château de l’OuDomaine BoudauDomaine de la RectorieDomaine LafageMas de La Devèze and Vignerons Catalans found their way to at least two stops in mainland China, while some of them followed the roadshow on the 3 cities that were visited during this first semester of Tasty Wines tour in Asia.

▪ We marked the first stop in Xiamen on March 25th.


In this coastal city, located in Mainland China coast that faces Taiwan, the event took place in a privatized ballroom of the prestigious Shangri-La hotel. Tasty Wines Xiamen hosted 102 professional visitors on the mini-fair.

Among them, the leading importers came to meet our participants: Xiamen Fond Wine, Grandgle International Spirit & Wine, Nine Degree Beverage Brand Management, Xiamen Excellent Gino, Osone Wines, CND wines, Wineaux …

▪ The second stop on our agenda was in Haikou on March 27th.


Haikou is a city located in Hainan Island that faces Vietnam, the event took place in the chic Langham hotel where two ballrooms had been privatized for the occasion. TastyWines Haikou gathered 144 professional visitors.

Among them, the leading importers came to meet our participants: Hainan Shenyuan, Hainan Mobang, Yili wines, Tomi Italian Wines, Hainan wines council …


For Xiamen and Haikou, visitors also had the opportunity to attend Master Classes that were led by Eric Aracil, Export Manager of Roussillon Wines Council. These Master classes drew together 95 participants and were greeted with great success.

Roussillon wines were honored during these two Master Classes since the 5 wines and the Vin Doux Naturel, were products from the Roussillon wineries that joined us on this tour. The tasted wines were from different appellations: AOP Côtes du Roussillon Blanc, AOP Collioure rouge, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages Rouge, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel rouge, IGP Côtes Catalanes rouge, AOP Rivesaltes Ambré.

The uniqueness in flavor, color, the sweetness of each different wine, truly showcased the infinite characteristics of the terroir of the Roussillon region.

▪ The third stop on our agenda was Taipei on March 29th.


Even though Eric wasn’t in Taipei, Domaine La Rectorie and Château de l’Ou followed the roadshow there along 10 others exhibitors.

If you would like to join us for the second semester of our tour this year, do not hesitate. Roussillon will be visiting Seoul and Singapore with an option on Ho Chi Minh.

Seats are limited. Note that we are limiting participation to 3 companies per wine region, and maximum participation of 35 wineries.

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