The grape harvest season in the Roussillon

In the golden autumn, the Roussillon production area ushered in the most important day of the year

Harvest Season


At the beginning of autumn, after a year of hard work, the Roussillon region ushered in the grape harvest. The plump grapes have absorbed sufficient light and rich nutrients from the soil under an average of more than 316 days of sunshine a year, and the sugars in the fruits have accumulated enough to reach the perfect maturity stage. Before picking, the winemakers will taste the grapes, evaluate the aroma, and use a scientific method to measure the sugar content in the grapes to ensure that the ripeness of the grapes is in the best standard to harvest.


Iconic Grape Varietals

Roussillon production area has a superior geographical environment. One side face Mediterranean Sea, and the other three sides are surrounded by mountains. Three rivers traverse the production area from north to south. The typical Mediterranean climate, mountains and rivers have shaped the diverse terroirs, making it one of the world’s most abundant grape-growing areas with soil resources. The diverse soil is suitable for planting a variety of grape varieties. There are 24 iconic grape varieties commonly used in winemaking in the Roussillon.


The final stage of the harvest

At present, the Roussillon producing area is making efforts for the final stage of the grape harvesting season. Winemakers strictly control every process for producing excellent quality wines. Even though the Roussillon production area has more than two thousand years of grape planting history and rich winemaking experience, grape growers are still constantly attentive of their land and contributes better quality wines to everyone .

The warm sunshine in southern France and the beautiful scenery of the Roussillon region make grape picking a pleasant experience. After picking, people share the experience of grape planting and share the joy of harvest. The reason why Roussillon produce various and high-quality wines are the careful cultivation, picking and selection of grapes by these grape growers. They have inherited the excellent traditions of the Roussillon for thousands of years and contributed their own value to this diverse production area.