Diary of a winegrower # episode 1



-the rain of September 2021 allowed a very good reserve 2021/2022 of the vine.

-the winter went very well: no frosts, not even in Spring!

-the temperatures at the beginning of May and June 2022 accelerated the vegetative growth

-15 days advance to mid-spring for vegetation / summer weather conditions

-beautiful flowering

-week of 22-06 = alternating humidity and heat; Oidium and mildew pressures very well controlled

-July 12, there is a foreseeable advance of the harvest: this one could be done as early as August 1st!

-July 24th. The tramontane wind came up for 3 days, then a new cycle of summer marinating, classic

– Harvest started on August 03



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An early harvest
This year, the high temperatures have considerably accelerated the maturation of the grapes. The winegrowers of Roussillon began to cut the grapes in the first week of August: an exceptional precocity explained by the unusual climatic conditions that marked the year.

A more than satisfactory sanitary state
In spite of the marked climatic phenomena, the sanitary state is globally very good…

A quality harvest
Quality will undoubtedly be present in this future vintage. The particular attention paid to the vines has allowed us to verify the evolution of each parcel to present a promising 2022 vintage. The expected figures for this harvest will be around 540 000 hectoliters….