Innovation inside the Roussillon Wineries

Unusual not really … In the Aspres, in Tresserre on the estate of Nidolères, photovoltaic panels shelter a plot of vines. They rotate to move the shade or light according to the time of day and the needs of the plant. It is an innovation capable of combining agriculture and solar energy thanks to smart panels remotely controlled by complex algorithms and modular according to the course of the sun! They act like louvers according to the plant’s needs for sunlight.”

By changing the environment and thus the growth of the plant, it modifies the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, also reduces the water stress by protecting the clusters at key moments and thus maintaining the freshness and all the aromatic potential of the grapes. This slower maturation of the grapes also reduces the alcohol levels and maintains a good acidity of the wines.

In the face of global warming, this agrivoltaic device allows crops to be protected from climatic hazards. The very first panels were placed – exclusively – in the Roussillon vineyard and the first harvests of these wines were made in 2021.

The very first vintages resulting from this innovation are tasted in France this year.

And you, would you like to discover these wines?

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