Winners of the “AWSA-SOMM Asian Sommelier-Roussillon Wine Awards 2023”

On April 24, the “AWSA-SOMM Asian Sommelier-Roussillon Wine Awards 2023” were held in Shanghai. More than ten professional sommeliers from Asia carefully tasted and evaluated Roussillon wines, and selected top-quality wines from the point of view closest to consumers.


Asia Wine & Spirits Awards by Sommeliers (AWSA – SOMM for short) was founded by Mr. Tommy Lam in 2009. It is a 100% wine tasting competition judged by sommeliers.

Sommeliers are on the front line of wine sales and promotion, and often understand consumer needs better than wine critics and wine lecturers, as well as being able to grasp dynamic trends in the wine industry more quickly. As a result, AWSA-SOMM can not only strengthen the influence of Chinese and Asian sommeliers, but also help wine brands that are considering entering or have entered the Asian market to expand their popularity and establish channels.

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The “Asian Sommelier-Roussillon Wine Awards”, as a branch of the AWSA-SOMM competition, aims to select high-quality, drinkable Roussillon wines that meet market demand. The professional tasting and rating of Roussillon wine has not only affirmed the excellent quality of Roussillon wine, but has also helped to deepen the notoriety of Roussillon wine in the domestic market.

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Before the tasting began, Mr Eric ARACIL, the French representative of Roussillon wines, thanked the sommelier judges over the network connection. The selection was a blind tasting. A variety of fine wines were placed in blind tasting bags and sent to the tasting room in 6 groups.

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This year, a team of outstanding sommelier judges, including several former champions of the China Sommelier Competition, tasted the participating Roussillon wines and spirits and finally divided the winning wines into Double Gold, Gold and Silver.

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The judging team for the AWSA-SOMM Asian Sommelier-Roussillon Wine Awards is made up of the jury president, who leads the head of the jury, and other professional judges, including many former China Sommelier Competition champions and outstanding sommeliers from the industry.



This year’s President of the 2023 AWSA-SOMM, Sommelier d’Asie – Trophées du Roussillon jury is Wu Xiaobin Arneis Wu  , Champion of the ninth China Sommelier Competition and the Heads of Jury are  :  Zhang Cong Christian Zhang , Champion of the 7th Chinese Sommelier Competition, Adrien Zhang, Champion of the 8th China Sommelier Competition
Roi Wang, Champion of the 11th China Sommelier Competition, Sean Chen, Champion of the 13th China Sommelier Contest




  • Domaine La Toupie , Fine Fleur 2021, AOP Côtes du Roussillon
  • Arnaud de Villeneuve, Hauteur 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Paul Meunier, Ch. 2018 Syrah Vieille, IGP Côtes Catalanes



  • Domaine Boudau, Tradition 2019, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Domaine Boudau, Henri Boudau 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Domaine La Toupie, Times Face 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Domaine La Toupie, Sur 1 Fil Rouge 2019, AOP Maury Sec
  • Vignerons Catalans, Liste Kaali 2018, AOP Côtes du Roussillon
  • Maison de Brial, Château Les Pins 2014, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Paul Meunier, Chorèmes blancs 2018, AOP Côtes du Roussillon
  • Domaine de Bila Haut, Bila-Haut Rouge 2021, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Château des Jaume, La Pierre Taillée 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel
  • Gérard Bertrand, Legend Vintage Rivesaltes 1977, AOP Rivesaltes
  • Vignerons Catalans, Canigou – Montagne Sacrée 2019, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages



  • Domaine Boudau Le Clos 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon
  • Arnaud de Villeneuve, RD900 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Vignerons Catalans, Haute Coutume 2019, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Maison de Brial, Col Les Pins 2015, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Domaine de Bila Haut, Hidden Gem Rouge 2018, AOP Côtes-du-Roussillon Villages Latour de France
  • Domaine de Bila Haut, Hidden Stone Blanc 2018, AOP Côtes du Roussillon
  • Château des Jaume, 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages
  • Gérard Bertrand, Héritage Tautavel, An 560 2020, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel
  • Château Rombeau, Vielles Vignes 2019, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages