A delegation made up of representatives of Chinese importers and renowned national independent wine critic Sophie Liu Hui, accompanied by Eric Aracil, Export Director of Roussillon Wine, visited a number of wineries characteristic of the production zone.

Perpignan, a city in the south of France and capital of the Pyrénées-Orientales, home to the Roussillon region, was the delegation’s point of departure.


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For several days, the delegation met winegrowers, tasted delicious vintages, crossed vineyard plots, pushed open the doors of wineries… They met and visited :

Day one : 

  • Château Planères
  • Domaine de Terrassous
  • Château Montana

Day two

  • Vignobles Jonquères d’Oriola
  • Maison Albera
  • Vignerons Catalans
  • Château Cap de Fouste

Day three

  • Château de Pena
  • Terres Plurielles
  • Dom Brial
  • Domaine Cazes

Day four

  • Riere Cadene
  • Château des Hospices


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Follow their road trip day by day on our Wechat account: the moments shared, the surprises, the gastronomic discoveries, all the vineyards visited and especially the wines tasted.


DAY ONE                 DAY TWO                DAY THREE              DAY FOUR


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