ambrecitoLong Drink

5 cl of Rivesaltes Ambré,
1 cl of coconut syrup,
1 cl of Mangalore liqueur,
1 cl of old Rum (7-year old),
4 cl of pineapple juice.

Decoration: 1 mango slice, 1 green apple sliced to make a fan.

Accessories: 1 shaker, 1 wooden stick, 1 straw.

Pour coconut syrup, Mangalore liqueur, old Rum, the Rivesaltes Ambré to the shaker. Add pineapple juice and agitate the shaker for several seconds.
Pour out the mixture in a high glass.
Arrange a small slice of mango and a fan of apple slices at the top of the wooden stick, put it inside the glass and immerse a coloured straw.