Cordiale agreement

entente-cordialeShort drink

4 cl of Rivesaltes Ambré,
2 cl of Cointreau liqueur,
1cl of Curaçao bleu liqueur,
2 cl of pineapple juice,
1 cl of passion fruit syrup.

Decoration: 1 small section of melon, 1/2 of strawberry, 1 slice of carambole, 1 leaf of mint.

Accessories: 1 shaker, 1 cocktail glass, 1 wooden stick.

Pour passion fruit syrup, pineapple juice, Curaçao liqueur, the Rivesaltes Ambré and the Cointreau liqueur into the shaker.
Agitate the shaker energetically.
Pour out the mixture in a cocktail glass.
Put a small section of melon on the top to decorate the drink. Stick a strawberry half and a slice of carambole. Complete with a leaf of fresh mint.

Note: 1 bottle of Rivesaltes Ambré (75 cl) for 15 persons