6th Edition of the International Grenaches Competition (Grenaches du Monde)

Grenaches du Monde

The official program for the conference, taking place in Terra Alta, was announced at VINISUD!

A traveling event, the 6th edition of “Grenaches du Monde” will take place between the 12th and 14th of April 2018 in the wine region of Terra Alta in the South of Catalonia. Roussillon Wines Council and Terra Alta, co-organizers of the event announced this edition’s official program in Montpellier, during VINISUD, the wine trade show for the Mediterranean.

In 2013, Roussillon Wine’s Council created the first competition dedicated solely to this grape. Born in Roussillon, the International Grenaches Competition travels annually to a different region that produces wines based upon the Grenache grape. Through the years, this competition has become an annual meeting for both professionals and wine lovers from around the world.

Terra Alta: The Terroir for White Grenache

Terra Alta, situated in the South of Catalonia, is without a doubt the soul of white Grenache and currently one of the most promising productive zones of Catalonia. Grenache is without a doubt the grape variety that flourishes most in these wondrous Mediterranean lands. White Grenache is particularly present. Terra Alta holds 75% of Spanish production of white Grenache and 90% of Catalonia’s. It is the ideal terroir to welcome in April 2018 the 6th edition of the International Grenaches Competition.

Around the World in 800 Grenaches

Each year, winemakers are increasingly numerous to face-off in this competition. More than 800 samples from France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, the Republic of Macedonia, Lebanon, Greece… should participate in the next edition.

Novelty of the 2018 edition, the competition is open to:

  • “Pure Grenache” (minimum 85% Grenache).
  • “Assembly” (minimum 51% Grenache).

As for every edition, all wine categories can register: sparkling, sill, fortified, vins doux naturels, liqueur wines… and all countries and actors producing them: winemakers, negociants, wine cooperatives…

Program: Grenache Under Every Light

This year, the competition is conceived like a discovery tour of the grape variety, so fundamental to the region’s viticulture. On the eve of the competition, Thursday April 12th 2018, the Greco-Roman influence, which brought viticulture to Catalonia, and the different varieties of Catalonian Grenache will welcome tasters around a thematic exhibition of the white Grenache variety.

On the mornings of the 13th and 14th of April in Gandesa, the capital of Terra Alta, all the samples will be evaluated by around 100 international experts from across the world: journalists, oenologists, buyers, sommeliers…

Afternoons will be reserved for conferences and to discover Terra Alta and its vineyards.

Friday the 13th (afternoon): Technical Conference in Gandesa

From its creation, the role of the competition was thought as a pretext for exchange, a place to meet for professionals and aficionados of this grape. As such, Grenache du Monde has given birth to cross-boarder collaborative projects, such as a comparative study of the organoleptic qualities of Grenache, the results of which will be presented at one of the technical conferences. Other topics will be discussed, such as the history of Grenache from prehistory to the present day, or even white Grenache wines and their newfound tradition (broken, “brisats” wines) and vins doux naturels.

Saturday the 14th: The Night of Grenache

A magical moment of the contest, the Night of Grenache is an event open to the public (limited places) that will offer tastings of all wines selected for competition. The venue is both symbolic and strong: the Church of the old village of Corbera. This church was the scene of one of the most terrible battles of the Spanish Civil War. It is on this occasion that the 2018 winners will be unveiled, as well as the place and dates of the 2019 edition.

6th Edition of Grenaches du Monde 2018 : 12-14 of April 2018, Terra Alta, Catalogne.


Online Registration:

Open from the 13th of March 2018

Online rules on the new website dedicated to the contest



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