Meeting Roussillon Wines in 2021 China Blind Tasting Competition

Roussillon Wines Council cooperate with the China Blind Tasting Competition to participate in exciting wine rating events

The Roussillon wine scoring event, organized by Roussillon Wines Council & China Blind Tasting Competition, will be held on August 17, 2021 on the second floor of the Middle House Hotel-Sui Tong. Since the first edition of the China Blind Tasting Competition was successfully held in 2013, it has aroused enthusiastic responses from wine lovers and practitioners across the country. The number of participants and industry impacts has increased dramatically, and it has now become an annual event in the industry. It is also the blind tasting event with the highest specifications with the largest number of participants in China nowadays. This wine scoring activity will conduct a level tasting of Roussillon Wines, and select high-quality wines for the public from a professional perspective, so that consumers can more conveniently and simply select and purchase wines.

Scoring Mechanism

The Roussillon Wine scoring event will be hosted by Master Sommelier Lu Yang, the judge of the China Blind Tasting Competition, as well as 30 outstanding professionals in the industry. The judges included the winners of previous event of the blind wine tasting competition, outstanding domestic sommeliers, well-known wine media, wine educators and other wine industry practitioners in order to conduct professional reviews and scoring of Roussillon wines.

Lu Yang MS is the world’s first Chinese “Master Sommelier” (Master Sommelier, MS for short), a leader and chief authority in the Chinese wine industry. As a pioneer in the domestic industry, Lu Yang has made achievements in industry:











The scoring system is 0-20 points


18- 20 : an exceptional wine of excellent quality with profound complexity, and worth to spend time & effort to seek .


16-17 : an outstanding wine with complexity, character and specialty

14-15 : a good to very good wine with showing typicality, character and terroir, but missing complexity and structure.

12-13 : a fair to good wine of easy drinking quality with reasonable price, suitable for daily consumption.


10-11: a poor to fair wine of acceptable quality, won’t hurt to drink occasionally

8- 9 : a poor wine of obvious default, plain or unpleasant character


< 8 : defective wine of no character

The Roussillon production area has more than 400 private wine producers. The complex and diverse terroir of the production area makes the wines produced by different wineries different in style and full of characteristics.








This Roussillon Wines scoring event has received strong support from many wine producers. The wineries enthusiastically signed up and selected wines made by their own wineries to participate in the selection activities. The wines include dry red, dry white, pink and natural. There are 74 types of  wines in total.

Keen to unveil 74 wines participated and results? stay tuned…