China Sommelier Competition

The 14th China Sommelier Competition ended in Shanghai on November 14th. 3 laureates were rewarded.

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For several years, Roussillon Wines Council (CIVR) has sponsored the competition. This year, 5 wines from Roussillon were chosen for the sommelier dinner.
They are:

  • AOP Collioure, Domaine de La Rectorie, l’Argile, white, 2018
  • AOP Côtes du Roussillon, Vignerons Catalans, Red Domus, white, 2019
  • AOP Rivesaltes Ambré, Dom Brial, Grande Réserve, amber, 1999
  • AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Château les Pins, red, 2014
  • AOP Banyuls, Maison Chapoutier, Banyuls Rimage, 2015

AOP_Rivesaltes_Ambré,_Dom_Brial,_Grande_Réserve,_amber,_1999 AOP_Côtes_du_Roussillon,_Vignerons_Catalans,_Red_Domus,_white,_2019 AOP_Collioure,_Domaine_de_La_Rectorie,_l_Argile,_white,_2021 AOP_Banyuls,_Maison_Chapoutier,_Banyuls_Rimage,_2015 AOP_Côtes_du_Roussillon_Villages,_Château_les_Pins,_red,_2014










Eric ARACIL, export director of Roussillon wines made his speech in video conference, travel is still difficult to China. He presented the region, the missions of the CIVR and encouraged more young people to engage in this beautiful profession.




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