Muscat de Noël 2022

The first Muscat de Rivesaltes of the year bottled at the end of the harvest, the Muscat de Noël can be enjoyed from the third Thursday of November. It has the particularity to offer all the freshness and all the crunchiness of the just picked grape… Its subtly golden color, clear with pearly reflections, is an invitation to pleasure. It is distinguished by its aromas of citrus, exotic fruits, white peaches, lychee, orange blossom and fresh mint.


muscat de noel muscat de noel 2

A bit of history ….The “Muscat de Noël” can be summed up in two words: tradition and sharing. In the 13th century, this first Muscat of the year was traditionally served at the table of the Royal Court of the King, during the Nativity celebrations. Over the centuries, this tradition has continued. Winegrowers and their families continued to taste their first Muscat of the year on this occasion. In 1997, a handful of passionate winegrowers, proud of the quality of their first Muscat, decided to make it known to the greatest number of people and to revive the tradition. This is how the name “Muscat de Noël” was born ….

This type of wine is regulated today in the context of the “primeur” wines, but it is a question of discovering this wine which is well and truly finished and stable in its prime youth.



foie gras_ muscat de noel We can’t resist tempting you with this tasty foie gras to match with a Christmas Muscat, available from November 17th.

Let yourself be carried away by its unique aromas by inviting it to your table, it will sublimate your recipes, from aperitif to dessert!