A pairing is just as delicious!

Whether you prefer the traditional “galette des rois” or its revisited version, bring out all the delicacy and richness of frangipane by enjoying it with Muscat de Noël wine !

muscat de noel

The “galette des rois” is a pancake traditionally produced and consumed in France, Quebec, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium or even in Lebanon… on the occasion of the Epiphany, a Christian feast which celebrates the visit of kings. Magi to the Child Jesus, celebrated depending on the country on January 6 or the first Sunday after January 1. Tradition has it that we “pull kings or queens” at Epiphany. This involves hiding a porcelain bean in the cake. The person who obtains this bean becomes the king or queen of the day. In the south of France, the use for the Epiphany is to prepare not the “galette des rois” but the cake of the kings: a large, sweet bread, in the shape of a crown, with an airy dough flavored with orange blossom.

Whether you prefer “galette des rois” or “gâteau des rois”, Muscat de Noël wine also helps celebrate Epiphany! The freshness of its newly harvested grape notes pairs as well with the delicacy of frangipane as with the sweetness of candied fruit.